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Thompson's Sweet Maggie River Cuda

Maggie was born March 21, 2010 to our Ginny and Whiskey River Wyatt MH. She is from a repeat breeding. This breeding has produced such outstanding hunting companions and family pets that we just had to have one more dog from Ginny and Wyatt before retiring our Ginny. Maggie was chosen from this litter for her size, looks and easy going personality. We have several dogs now that are very driven and though this is a repeat breeding and Maggie's pedigree is the same as Rivers we wanted to add variety to our future breeding program and our household by choosing a dog with different personality traits than our other dogs.

When Maggie was 2 years old she finally stopped growing so fast that we couldn't keep up with her. She was one of the largest puppies in her litter and has remained large. She finally slowed down enough in her growth to start filling out at about this age. She got broader in the chest and filled out and looked to become an absolutely beautiful large lab with a blocky head and large chest. She looks a lot like River and Ginny, but also has some of Wyatt's looks in her face as well. She was a laid back easy puppy from the beginning and showed early signs of being a very people oriented loyal dog. When the other puppies were running around playing, she was following right on Brian's heels everywhere he went. She loved her people from the beginning and though she had no fear of taking off on her own to explore and play with her siblings, she often chose even at an early age to follow us and stay at our heels. At 2 years old she took full advantage of her running and playing time, but she also ran by us often to check and see if we needed her and to get a pat before she ran off to play again. She was and is an easy dog in the house. She likes to stretch out to nap on the floor and in a chair, but enjoys laying in our laps when she's awake for attention. She developed a "big girl" bark around 2 years old which was and is deep and full. She's normally very quiet and easy going so when she does bark with that deep voice she's developed it's a surprise.

Maggie may be sweet and easy going, but she's got Ginny's intelligence and will often look you right in the eye when you talk to her.Those big gentle eyes of hers seem to absorb and understand anything you ask of her. She loves her time to run and play and gets very excited when you get out a bumper to throw or take her to the pond for a swim. You wouldn't think it when you see her in the house though. She's content just to be with her people while in the house. She enjoys her visits to Brian's mom's house for family dinners and even at a young age has been very gentle, well behaved and good with family of all ages while we are there.

Update 2015: Maggie just had her 2nd litter of adorable pups. She is a terrific mom who is calm and easy going, while still taking excellent care of her babies. She's maybe the only one of our dogs who is able to get every single puppy in her litter to sleep at the same time. As a result of her relaxed attitude, her puppies are calm and easy to care for from the beginning. When you hold them at a young age they are just content to cuddle into your neck and snuggle. Maggie watches carefully, and often comes to stand and watch us for a minute, then decides her baby is fine and goes back to the others. Brian is still Maggie's very favorite person. She loves to climb in his lap and lay on his chest while he watches tv. She's the queen of sneaking kisses. You'll think she's about asleep then she'll start stretching her neck toward him nonchallantly and slurp him. Hilarious to watch every time! She still adores swimming and is often the last to leave the pond when we go for an evening swim. She also enjoys playing in the hose as you fill water buckets and bites at the water. A bumper is her favorite toy though she also enjoys a nice bone. She still has those beautiful gentle expressive eyes that "talk" to you without so much as a head tilt. She has her mama's understanding of the needs of those who visit and without being told will walk quietly up to my grandma rather than bounding over. She'll sit quietly at Grandma's feet or beside her on the couch all the while being as gentle a big girl as you've ever seen. When our sons or other young adults come over you'll see a different girl. She is more apt to let her excitement at their arrival show through whole body wiggles and oh that tail does go!


Maggie at 4 weeks..

Maggie at 7 months.

Maggie Nov. 2010 at the pond.

Maggie Dec. 2010

Maggie 2012

Maggie is EIC and CNM Clear.
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