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Hi Christie. I took Beau to the vet July 5th. Our dainty little buddy weighed 30 plus Lbs. Sorry it has taken me so long to send any pictures to you! He has been and continues to be loads of fun!

Beau was the striped collar boy from Misty & Chiefs 2012 litter. Beau lives near us here in Southeast Ks.

Lacy is such an awesome dog and I have so many kids tell me they wish that she was their dog or they want a dog just like her. When I walk her around school you hear her name echoing around the hallways and she always is requested in the office for stress relief for the secretaries.

Lacy is a READ Therapy dog near Kansas City. Recent photo of Lacy taken in Colorado summer of 2012 with the grandchildren. Lacy is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2009 litter.

Here is a photo of Tahoe who lives in Oklahoma, he's over 30 lbs already. Tahoe was the blue collar boy and is from Chief & Misty's 2012 litter. Tahoe loves to help with the garden as you can see.
Here is a new photo of Trigger. Trigger lives in Kentucky and is from Chief and Misty's 2012 litter, he was the red collar boy. Trigger has a great family with lots of kids to play with.
Here is a new photo of Josie and her daughter, Faith, taken the summer of 2012. Josie is a full sister to our River from Ginny & Wyatt's 2007 litter. Josie lives in California.

Here is Callie at about 3 months of age. She is doing well and lives in the Kansas City area with a great family. Callie was the pink camo collar girl.

Callie is from Chief & Misty's 2012 litter.


Here is Dixie, she belongs to our oldest son and lives near us. Dixie is a fireball and loves to retrieve all day. She also loves to swim hence the photo of her in the pond.

Dixie is from Libby & FC Homers 2009 Litter.

Bear has grown into a more wonderful dog than either my wife or myself could have ever imagined. He is loyal and sweet and always full of energy and ready to go. He gets along with everyone he meets to include all kinds of other pets from dogs to cats and even rabbits. He loves to go for trips to our family's farm in northern Missouri and swim in the lake. He would go all day and night if we let him. Currently Bear is living in St. Louis with my wife and mother and father. I am deployed to Afghanistan but I am happy that we have such a special guy at home watching over my wife. He constantly checks on her and stays by her side whenever she is home. He has become an indespensible part of the family. My folks love having him in the house and let him have free reign. He is so well behaved that we do not have to worry about him digging in the trash or chewing anything up. He is so tall that all of the tables in our house are eye level, but he never steals anything. He obeys all commands, never runs away, but is clever enough to have learned to climb the wooden fence in the backyard like a ladder anytime he wants to come inside and be with the family again. The vet said he was extremely healthy on his last check up. Just wanted to let you know we couldn't be happier with Bear and we couldn't imagine our lives without him. My wife sends me photos and it is a great morale boost. . Thanks again!

We also want to thank Bear's owner for his service to our great country!!!!

Bear is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2010 litter. He is a full brother to our Maggie.

Heres another photo of Thumper with his owner. Thumper has retreived lots of ducks but this is his first Canadian that he picked up on Dec. 31st 2011.

Thumper lives here in Kansas and has been to visit us, He's a full litter mate to our River from Ginny & Wyatt's 2007 litter.

Here is a picture of Trigger from Chief and Misty's June 2011 litter. 
He's an extremely smart dog having mastered commands by voice, hand and
whistle.  Here, he patiently waits for his dinner.  Trigger follows me
throughout the house with every move I make.  He loves to sit in my lap
while I'm driving, although at 6 months, he's getting a bit large for
that and it will have to end soon.  He gets plenty of jogging, frisbee
and dummy retrieving.

Trigger is from Misty & Chiefs 2011 litter and lives in Alabama.

Here is Cosmo on his 3 year birthday with his two best friends. Cosmo doesn't look very happy to be wearing the bday hat.

Cosmo is from Libby & Radar's 2008 litter and still lives in California.


Here is Weston, but I believe you knew her as turqoise girl. I am attaching a recent picture of her, it's not very good quality but it's the only one I have of her awake, I take a lot of sleeping pictures because it's the only time she holds still!!

Weston is from Misty & Chiefs 2011 litter and lives in Texas.

This is Remington (black collar) today on his first birthday...he doesn't look big in this picture, but don't let that fool you (he's huge)! We all love him to pieces! Thanks for bringing him into our lives! Love, the (Florida) family.


Remington is from Libby & Homer's 2009 Litter and now lives in Florida.

Just giving you an update on Guinness (red collar).  He is doing great, Guinness is 6 months old now is weighs over 60 pounds.  Guinness loves spending time playing outside exploring our 31 acres.  He is very active and intelligent dog, who will never leave my sons side.  Guinness can't wait for his buddy to get home from school because its time to play fetch.. He is a great addition to our family and we just love him.


Guinness is from Misty and Chiefs litter June 2011

Hi! This is Lesley, Ben and I just wanted to send you an update on Candi. She saw the vet last week and he said she is very healthy. She weighed 45 pounds! She has been such a good dog to us and Harlan really enjoys his buddy :)

Candi is from Misty & Chiefs 2011 litter, she lives in Kansas.

Chewy is doing great!  He is acclimating very well to his new home.  He is getting more and more comfortable (and rambunctious) every day.  The kids absolutely love him, and Chewy loves playing with them.  He already has his favorite toys and has learned very fast that he LOVES to play fetch with his stuffed pheasant toy.  I can sit for hours and throw that toy and he will keep bringing right back.  Of course, we have to take breaks with fetching for a little tug of war and growling

We went out today and found a little kiddy wading pool.  This weekend will be a fun Holiday weekend in the water for our new little man.

Chewy is from Misty & Chiefs June 2011 litter, he lives in Kansas City with his family.

Here is Sam Houston, with his new best friend Lauren. Sam is living in Texas and is currently in his gun dog training and will be home soon.

Sam is from Libby & Homers 2010 Litter.

Brian and Christy, 

I just wanted to update you on how things are going with Johnnie. He is a very healthy 7 month old weighing in at 60 pounds! I have to say that he is a VERY spoiled boy and we love him so much. I could not have asked for a better dog for me and my children to have. Thank you so much! 

Johnnie is doing really well in his training and will retrieve until you can't throw a dummy anymore because your arms hurts that much. We have worked with him in the filed, water and blinds and pits as well. You could probably blow a building up next to him and he would be waiting for you to tell him to fetch something for you. :) This year he will be hunting 5-7 days a week (lucky dog) and we will be spending the spring finishing up with field trials prep. 

Johnnie is from Libby & Johnnie's 2009 litter. Johnnie lives in Colorado.

Good to hear from you and thanks for the pictures. Maggie looks adorable and you need to let her know that Brandy has also taken to swimming. We have had her in the lake twice at our son’s lake house and are heading there again today and sure she will go again. Glad to hear Abby has a wonderful home.

Things are going well with us and Brandy is growing like a weed. We are so enjoying having her as a part of our family.

Brandy is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2010 litter. Brandy lives in Oklahoma.


Just thought I would give you an update on our little guy. We have decided to call him Bear due to the enormous size of his paws and his overall good looks. . He is a very bright boy and listens well. The first day we had him, we had him sitting and by week two he knew sit, stay, down, and is mastering "come" and "leave it." He also was able to sleep through the night in his crate on the third night we had him. Currently he is mastering the art of pottying outside, but is doing quite well. He walks well on a leash, loves fetch and is over all around amazing companion already. He has a natural affinity to water and absolutely LOVES the hose, sprinklers, and small pool which we have. He has yet to go on a swim where he can't touch bottom, but I doubt he will have any qualms about diving in. He has definitely found his voice and lets us know when he want to play or needs to come inside. At his last vet visit which was a week and a half ago, he was 21 lbs and very healthy. He is growing like a weed and we are so enjoying watching him grow and just seeing how clever he is. My father, who has owned labs before, claims he is one of the best pups he has ever dealt with. I am attaching some pictures of the aftermath of a romp in the sprinklers and pool, and we will keep you up to date as our little guy grows up. Thanks a bunch.

Bear is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2010 litter. Bear spends time in Texas and Missouri.

Abby is a natural with the ball. She loves to retrieve. These photos were taken the first week after she arrived in New York State.

Abby is from Ginny & Wyatt 2010 litter.

Hi Folks,
Thought you might like to see that Bobo is still around, well fed and somewhat trained.
She loves the water and is a reliable retriever of anything that floats, especially coconuts.
Bobo is from Libby & Radar's 2008 Litter. She now lives in Belize on the beach.
Brian and Christy,
Lacy passed the Canine Good Citizen test this week and we are now preparing to work on getting her certified as a Delta therapy dog this summer and eventually a READ dog.  She has such a sweet disposition and is very motivated to please.  She is 78 pounds and is filling out nicely and we receive lots of compliments about what a good looking girl she is when we take her out.  This summer we are taking her on a family vacation to Estes Park with the grandkids.  Congrats on the new litter, they look beautiful!   Lacy is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2009 Litter. Lacy lives here in Kansas

Brian and Christy:

I thought I would send some pictures of Nick. He has already proven to be a WONDERFUL boy. Our older lab, Princess Jasmine, adores him. He has 3 little girls here that argue over who gets to bathe him, let him outside, and play with him :) I hope you enjoy the pictures and I will be sure to send more soon!

Nick is from Libby & Johnnies 2009 Litter. Nick lives here in Kansas.

Nikki is absolutely the most lovable and loving dog I have ever had the good fortune of being around.  She is now a little over a year, 65#, and is apparently going to be a big puppy whenever she finally grows up. We play ball daily, she swims in the lake and pool (when it's warmer), chases the deer and squirrels, and generally has a pretty good life. 

Nikki is from Libby & Radar's 2008 litter. Nikki lives in Texas.

Here are some pics of Thumper and some of the ducks we got this last weekend.. He's been retreiving very well this year. Hope you enjoy them Lyle.

Thumper is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2007 Litter. He lives here in Southeast Kansas.

Just wanted everyone to know our baby Cooper (Green) turned one. Cooper is a joy to our family and we are so happy. He loves when the kids come home from school. He is very attached to his tennis ball. His best Doggy friend lives next store and they play non stop and they love to swim. Just wanted to say "Thank you" again we are so happy he is such a kid/part of the family. This is a picture of Cooper, my kids threw him a birthday party,they made cupcakes and wrapped all of his gifts.
Cooper lives in California and is from Libby & Radar's 2008 Litter.

Cosmo continues to amuse us, he is nutty but a total love, cant keep him out of the pool.  The other day, he managed to get by me and helped himself to the koi pond, of course Riley followed, thank goodness the fish escaped harm. He is a big boy, he has not filled out yet.

Cosmo is about a year old now and lives in California. Cosmo is from Libby & Radar's 2008 Litter.

Gus is growing like a weed, he's lean and muscular! I weighed him and he is 69 lbs.already. I would say he will top 100lbs easily. I will send pics when I can take care. Josh


Gus is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2009 litter. Gus lives in Canada.

Here is Lexi. She came to visit us for a couple of weeks recently. She is tall, lean and full of energy. Lexi is a very nice looking girl-she looks almost exactly like her mother.

Lexi lives here in Kansas and is still a part of the family.

Lexi is from Libby & Radar's 2008 Litter.

I have attached some pics of Roxy the night she first arrived (the first 3) and then a few more as the weeks progressed.  I tell ya, it is hard to get her to sit still long enough to take pictures – she is always on the move!  She FULL of personality and spunk, and has grown so fast.  Needless to say she doesn’t fit in my lap anymore!  She is doing well, and had no trouble adjusting to our home, sleeping through the night, etc. Our kids are having a lot of fun with her, and are enjoying going to “puppy training” class as a family.  We just love our Sweet Roxy Brown!

Thanks again for everything – I will be sure and send another batch of pictures as she continues to grow!

Roxy is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2009 Litter and lives in California.

Josie received her CGC (Canine Good Citizen) award at 7.5 months of age. Her CD (Companion Dog) was at 14 mos. Her Rally Novice (RN) at 22 mos. We are ready for Rally Advanced, and I think her Open Classes. She just caught on to one of the most important parts of the course. These will give her titles of CD-X and RA.

Josie is from Wyatt & Ginny's 2007 litter.

Cosmo is doing well,  very sweet , loving and a lot of fun, he loves his people  (all people in fact)  and is a good watch dog.  We went to Australia for 3 weeks and he went to boarding school for 6 weeks and is a new obedient puppy and much happier as a result.

Cosmo (on the right) is from Libby & Radar's 2008 litter. Cosmo lives in California

I have been meaning to send you pictures- and lots of wonderful stories about Oz- and the months keep slipping away.
He is wonderful! Our gentle giant. We have a litter of Jacks- he is so sweet with them- Uncle Oz. Thank you so much
for your your wonderful dog. He has been a great addition to our family.
I'll be in touch-
Oz is from Libby & Radar's 2008 litter. Oz lives in Mass.

Bentley is doing absolutley fabulous now and is a favorite with friends and family!  Bentley has adapted very well and Chevy (our 8 yr old Golden) has done a great job teaching her how to play and be a good dog, hopefully we had a little to do with it too:)  This last month it has warmed up enough to be on the lake consistently, Bentley can't get enough of the water of course, she is still having a hard time swimming to the ball, bumper, etc. but when she gets to it she swims normal... any suggestions are welcome to help her.  We got her a lifejacket that seemed to help Chevy when she was a pup so we are hoping for the same with Bentley.  thanks again...Happy Lab Owners 

Bentley is from Libby & Radar's 2008 Litter. Bentley lives in Nebraska.

Gus is great with kids and we take him to the playground; he loves running down the slides and crashing into the sand face first…He is such a hard charger! We also take him for lots of walks since it takes a long time to tire him out. Everyone that sees him comments on his calmness, good looks, and size of his paws. We are working on sit/come/stay and he seems to be picking it up quickly. He also loves to retrieve and has done some nice 25yd ones!

Gus is from Ginny & Wyatt's 2009 Litter. He lives in Canada.

Tucker is doing great!! He is loving being right next to campus seeing all the students every day. Since the weather is getting warm he's getting to get out and swim more often and is loving the water. We have been working alot and I'm very pleased with how the training is going. Thanks for such a great dog.

Tucker is from Libby and Radar's 2008 litter and lives in Kansas.

Cosmo is a VERY busy puppy, with a very strong will and is not afraid of anything. Cosmo weighed in at 22 pounds, so he has gained almost 4 pounds since he has arrived.  He loves Riley and they play for hours and Riley couldn't be happier with his new  pal.  They ride in the car together and curl up next to each other on the back seat while I do my errands.

Cosmo is from Libby and Radar's '08 litter and now lives in California.

Cooper is already 21 pounds and growing. He's a big boy and is in love with our kids. He loves to play with the kids and is getting so much love that by the end of the day he is fast asleep. Cooper thinks he is a gardener and is trying to figure out how he can get up the kids slide in the backyard. Thank you, again for your little love bug.

Cooper is from Libby and Radar's '08 litter and now lives in California.

The girls are growing like weeds and we are having a great time. They are so cute. Nikki reminds us so much of how Jazz was as a pup, nothing fazes her, she has an independent mind – oh what fun we will have training her. Nikki at about 10 weeks of age in this photo.

Nikki is from Libby and Radar's 'o8 litter and now lives in Texas.

Bo may have been a bit on the shy side in the litter, however, she has no trouble holding her own with Nikki – and lots of times she is the initiator of trouble. She is the cuddly one. Bo is living in Texas now but will be moving to Belize this spring to be a beach dog.

Bo is from Libby and Radar's '08 litter and now lives in Texas.

Holly lives locally in Southeast Kansas and has a happy family of her people to spoil her. She is loved by all who meet her.

Holly is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

Here is Savannah (black collar) at 9 months of age swimming back with her Mallard decoy.  Savannah is from Libby’s August ’07 litter and is now living in Minnesota.She is simply awesome.  She is so great with our 3 and 4 year old boys. Never barks or growls, just wags her tail and always wants attention.  The more you give her the more she craves.She graduated from her first two obedience courses within her first 7 months of age.In addition to being a great family pet she is getting good with retrieving.  She demands to retrieve a Frisbee golf type Frisbee every morning and evening.  She is relentless with full speed running to the Frisbee and full speed, straight line retrieves.  On the weekends we now do water retrieves in the lake.  Guess you were right in that she does have the personality to do both rather well – home pet and hunting dog. Savannah lives in Minnesota

Josie is doing fabulous as always. This coming Tuesday night we will be taking the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test along with Otis, our rescue yellow lab. I think Josie will ace it if she doesn't jump on someone. We are still working on the stand, 4 on the floor, when someone approaches her. She is such a wiggle worm!
Josie has completely awed the ladies we work with on obedience training. She is the youngest dog. They think she will be able to compete in at least SubNovice this year and maybe think about Novice and starting on her CD later in the summer. Josie is from Ginny and Wyatt's 07 Litter. She lives in California.

Hi Brian and Christy!!!How are you guys doing? Everything is great here in Kansas City!! :) I have attached some pictures of Emma on a hunting trip in the snow and some of her swimming last week!!!  She has seriously been the best, most well tempered pup in the world and we continue to receive raving complements about her. She is such a sweet, snuggle pooch and yet, loves to be independent and explore the yard at Zach's house! She weighed in at 51.8 lbs last week and is very muscular and athletic!!!!

She is simply the best, so thank you for everything!!! We will DEFINATELY be coming back to get another...or two..from Libby's next litter!! I cannot WAIT!!! So please keep me updated! :)


I just wanted to pass along a few pictures of Andie from Libby's 07 litter.  She is doing great.  She weighs 55lbs and has really hit a growth spert, she was 49lbs two weeks ago!!!  She is currently in basic obedience classes and doing great and catching on quickly.  By mid summer she will be working on agility training as well.  The pictures I sent are probably a month old or older, it's tough to catch her being still.

Just thought I'd pass along an update, hope all is  well.

Thought I would share a picture of our boy.  Next, I'll send a recent picture of Scout, who we purchased from you in October.  Funny that I got the puppy for my husband and I am the one who is madly in love with her! We all love her! She is an absolute gem.

Scout is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 Litter she lives in Overland Park, Ks.

This is Thumper he lives here in Southeast Ks. he's been to visit and got along great with Ginny and his sister River. Thumper retreived his first duck on 11/7/07 at 5 months of age and is looking forward to next duck season.

Thumper is from Ginny and Wyatts June 2007 litter.

Here is George he lives in Iowa and has started his training for next years duck season as he was only allowed to observe from the boat this year. George weighs in at 64lbs on 1-15-08 or about 6 months of age.

George is from Ginny and Wyatts June 2007 litter.

I'm sending a new picture of Mindy that was taken on the ranch last weekend.  It was our first snow and her first experience in it!!  She loved playing in the snow and had to be dragged to the car to leave.  She is getting so big, so fast and wants to eat all the time.  She can fetch and bring and drop it, Sit and sit and stay and come after you walk far away.  We are working on frisbee moves and to shake hands.  She is full of it, though, and barks when she isn't getting attention...not so good!  But we love her to pieces.  Thanks for the excellent shows!

Mindy is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 Litter

Here is Holly at 4 months of age as you can see she is a KU fan.

Holly lives here in Kansas.

Holly is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

This is Sam. He lives near Joplin, Mo.

Sam is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.


This is Andie. She is living in Illinois.

Andie is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

This is Emma she lives in Lawerence Kansas.

Emma is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

Here is Mindy sleeping after a long day. Mindy lives in California.


Mindy is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

This is Scout she lives in Overland Park Ks.


Scout is from Libby and Tiggy's Aug. 2007 litter.

Here is Josie playing in the pumpkin patch. She lives in California with her new family.


Josie is from Ginny and Wyatt's June 2007 litter.

This is Thumper he went on his first duck hunt on 11/1/07. He lives here in Southeast Kansas.


He is from Wyatt and Ginny's June 2007 litter.

This is Maggie she is 9 weeks old in this picture. Maggie now lives in Lawrence Kansas in her new home and is a big KU fan.

Maggie is from Wyatt & Ginny's June 2007 litter.


Here is another picture of Moose & Marley at 7 months of age. Both are doing well and live in Arizona. They are from Ginny and Buddy's litter 2006.

The pup is doing great. We have named him Hoss to go along with his outgoing attitude. He has fit right in with our family and our three year old yellow female lab has accepted him as her best buddy. They are a lot of fun to watch running around the yard wrestling and playing. Our six year old son has also gotten very attached to him as have we all. Rick

Hoss is from Ginny and Buddy's Nov. 06 litter. Hoss lives in Texas.

Both dogs are great. They are really growing fast. Moose is still way bigger than Marley. I've been working with Moose quite a bit more than my mom has with Marley. Moose is really smart she will sit, stay, lay down, shake, come, wait for me to call bird before retreving her bumper. I am currently working on casting her in the direction of her bird and she seems to be getting it pretty good. She hasn't figured out straight back yet. Since I have Marley I taught her to stay and it took all of about 5 minutes. She is a really smart dog too and less hyper than moose. Anyway we are both very pleased with our dogs. Thanks Ryan

Moose and Marley are both from Ginny and Buddy's Nov.06 litter and live in Arizona.

Thought I'd send a picture of purple collar female. We did actually name her - she is now called Lucy. She is a very active and fun puppy. She has done very well with potty training but we'll have to work on all the other things still. I did discover that taking Lucy for a walk was more like Lucy taking ME for a walk. So I began jogging with her for a short distance. She seems to really enjoy it and comes back very tired and ready for a nap. Kathleen

Lucy is from Ginny and Buddy's Nov.06 litter. Lucy lives in Kansas City.

Cabela and her friend Katie at home in Maryland. She travels with me everyday and even got to go on some hunts on the warmer days.  She had no problems with the noise level and is doing very well with obediance and is even retrieving.  We have had our first vet appointment and got everything checked out with great remarks, tipping the scales at 22lbs.  We definately have a puppy that enjoys meal time.

Cabela is from Ginny's and Buddy's Nov. 06 litter.



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