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Thompson's Sweet Torry With A Cause

Torry is out of Tompson's Sweet Liberty and Eagle's Ring of Fire MH.

Torry was the only female out of Libby and Johnnie's 2009 litter. She was born 11-16-2009. We used to call her our tornado as she was always busy and keept us entertained round the clock. She demonstrated her love of leaping the first time we took her swimming in April of 2010. She was almost 5 months old and she loved chasing Bela through the water and would leap straight up and into the water. Torry shows great retrieiving potential and is interested in everything around her. She's intelligent and loves the water and retreiving. She looks just like Libby did at this age. She's tall and lean and a beautiful yellow with darker shading on her back. She is an active playful girl, but also expects her lap time. She has developed a love of a cozy lap.When she was a puppy she would launch herself into our laps when she wanted a good ear rub. Now, she's a big one year old girl, and though she no longer launches herself into our laps, she will climb over and on top of anyone who is already in our laps to find any way she can to fit herself into our laps as well. She doesn't push other dogs out, just finds a way to fit herself on our lap as well. She has no problem laying right on top of another dog to get time in our laps. The funny thing is she does it in such a non-threatening way that all the other dogs just allow her to do this. She's full of life and brings a smile to our faces throughout the day. She's been a joy to raise and we look forward to what she will accomplish as she continues to mature.

2015 Update: Torry is still a funloving energetic girl who constantly makes us smile. She's also still very into her lap time and will take her turn on any lap that is open. She no longer climbs on top of the other dogs, but she is VERY adept at getting into your lap somehow as you are beginning to sit down. So, often she gets the first turn as she's halfway into your lap before you're even seated. The good news is she can do this and time it perfectly so that she never knocks into us at all it's just a seamless motion as we start to sit she starts to climp in our laps. She's fast in the water and loves swimming and playing and getting sprayed by the water hose. In fact, it's a rule of hers that if the hose is on, she gets time to jump around in it, bark at it, and bite the water. If someone doesn't remember this rule, she's quick to vocalize her disbelief and quickly lets us know this is a very important ritual. She is still a tall lean girl like her mama and never seems to lean toward gaining too much weight. She is very willing to "steal" a bite of anyone's food who isn't looking, but if she's not hungry at dinner time she's also willing to leave a bit of food in her own bowl when she gets full. (Just a heads up...NONE of our chocolates would think to do that.) Torry loves to run and is really a joy to watch stretch out and chase a bumper or just stretch those long legs of hers when we go for a run. She can be a bit of an in charge girl as far as our dog family goes, but rarely shows it in any accertive ways. They all just kind of know that Torry isn't someone they should mess with if she's not of a mind to play at that moment. On the other hand, she loves playing with Chief and our Katie Rain. They roll on the floor and wrestle, chase each other when they go for a run and Torry absolutely loves leaping into the pond toward someone who is already swimming. I am always amazed that she can do that so many times and never actually land on top of the other dog. Torry has had one litter of pups and they are now about 6 months old. We are getting good reports back from their owners about happy energetic dogs who adore their families. We plan to let Torry have another litter in the next year or two. She was a good loving mama and showed lots of pride in showing off her pups when family came to visit while they were young and still in the house. We are blessed to have our Torry's cuddly nature in the house and energetic outdoor fun loving outlook in our family.

Torry's sire Eagles Ring of Fire MH "Johnny" is sired by AFC Rebel with a Cause & FC Blackwaters Hocus Pocus with all four Grandsires being Field Champions.
Johnny qualified and passed the 2010 Master Nationals in Texas last October. Johnny has also placed 3rd at the Firewater SRS last year and qualified for the Crown Championship. Johnny was in 11th place when he went out. Johnny will be running SRS in addition to Field Trials in 2010. Johnny's owner and stud information can be found at





Torry at 5 weeks old.

Torry's first swim.

Torry's first swim Apr. 2010.
Torry at 7 months old.
Torry's Pedigree
Torry at 1 year old.

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