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Thompson's Sweet Liberty

Libby is a tall light to medium colored yellow lab. She is 4 years old and weighs around 70 pounds.  Libby has a heart for retrieving and would spend her entire day at this task if someone would throw for her. She loves to swim and retrieve in water as well.  Libby is a light-hearted dog who always seems to have a smile on her face. Her tail is wagging all the time.  She is a very loving dog who is always found sleeping beside someone, walking beside them, or playing with them.  Libby’s hips are OFA Good and her Elbows are OFA Normal.

Libby’s sire is AFC Hawkeye’s Viking. He is the 2002 High Point Derby dog -92 derby points. This is more than any yellow Labrador in the history of Field Trials.  70 of the points are from blue ribbon-14 wins.  Viking’s sire is NAFC-FC-CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac. His dam is Starlab Madd Dash Kate out of     NFC Candlewoods Raise a Ruckus.

Libby’s dam is Hunts Lightning with a Cause sired by Rebel with a Cause.  Rebel, OFA Good is the only yellow Field Trial Champion with two FC, AFC parents both of which were black. Rebel was the number one Top Open yellow labrador and the number four Top Open dog in 2000. 

Updated Summer 2012. Libby is retired now and is a full time couch dog and snuggler. While Libby still loves to chase a bumper and swim in the pond she has slowed down just a little bit now that she is almost 9yrs old. Libby gave us four fine litters of puppies over the last 9 years. Our Torry is from Libby and our son's Dixie is from Libby's last litter with FC Homer in 2009.


Photo taken summer 2012
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